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Our Facilities

We have a well-equipped workshop boasting three Tryax B6 CNC bed milling machines, two Bridgeport turret milling machines with Anilam 2 axes DRO's, a spark eroder, lathe and the usual accompaniment of less significant machines such as power-saws drilling-machines.

Plant Equipment List

Bed Mill

3 x Tryax B6FC 3-Axis CNC Bed Mill DNC from CAD system
CAD/CAM Software

MasterCAM Full 3D CAD/CAM Software
Turret Milling Machines

2 x Bridgeport BR2J" Turret Milling Machines with 2 axis DRO

Colchester Student 1800 Lathe
Capacity 18" swing x 36" long (457 x 914mm)
Spark Eroder Eroda N450 E.D.M. (Spark Eroder)
Table size 14 x 18 x 12" (356 x 457 x 305mm)

Other equpiment including a Midsaw Vertical Bandsaw and Meddings Pillar Drill.


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