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Investment Casting Patterns

Investment Casting Patterns from ICM Ltd are an ideal way to produce investment castings without the time and expense of tooling for wax patterns.

ICM Ltd produces Investment Casting Patterns using SLA technology, depending on the specific requirements. Investment Casting Patterns can be produced in as little as 2 working days.
  • Produce prototype castings
  • Quickly introduce design changes into existing programs
  • Produce production castings prior to the availability of production tooling
  • Produce production castings for low-volume applications
Each QuickCast model is vacuum and pressure tested to verify the integrity of the model

Accura 60 Plastic Resin

Features: Fast build speed, Low viscosity, Durable and stiff, Optical clarity.
Applications: Tough functional prototypes, Automotive design, Fluid flow and visualization models, Transparent assemblies.

QuickCast Investment Casting Patterns

The investment casting process has been used for hundreds of years to produce complex shapes in a variety of metals. The process begins with a pattern with the same geometrical shape as the finished cast part. Prior to the introduction of QuickCast™ patterns, patterns were normally made of investment casting wax that is injected into a metal mold, which often costs tens of thousands of pounds and can require several months of lead time.

Once QuickCast is produced, a wax gate is attached and the entire wax assembly is then dipped in a ceramic slurry and allowed to dry. The process is repeated until a shell of 6-8 mm covers the pattern and gate. Once the ceramic has dried, the QuickCast pattern is burned out in a furnace and only the ceramic mold remains. The mold is then filled with molten metal, creating the metal casting. Once the casting has cooled , the ceramic shell is chipped away from the casting, revealing the metal casting.

Unlike traditional wax patterns, which can be removed from the shell in a steam autoclave, QuickCast patterns must be burned out of the shell, which can cause cracks in the shell if the pattern expands too much. To reduce the likelihood of cracking the shell, QuickCast patterns are made with a hollow honeycomb structure, allowing the cured SLA material to collapse on itself instead of cracking the shell. ICM Ltd has developed techniques to ensure the proper draining of QuickCast patterns, allowing for casting walls as thin as 1.5mm (0.060 inches).

QuickCast patterns must be fully sealed to ensure no ceramic slurry leaks into the hollow structure. Large patterns made from multiple parts must be assembled in such a way as to produce one contiguous air pocket. ICM Ltd pressure and vacuum tests each pattern to ensure it's integrity. Since humidity and temperature can have an adverse impact on QuickCast patterns, special care must be taken in shipment.

The QuickCast patterns you will receive from ICM Ltd are superior because:

  • Every QuickCast pattern is both vacuum and pressure tested to ensure it's structural integrity.
  • Our SLA equipment has been modified to support our custom QuickCast build styles.
  • Your QuickCast patterns will be packaged and shipped in such a way as to minimize any adverse environmental impact.
  • We have a complete in-house machine shop to produce alignment fixtures for multiple segment QuickCast patterns.

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