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SLA Prototypes

Stereolithography (SLA) prototypes are constructed from a liquid photopolymer that is selectively cured using a solid-state laser. The process begins with a 3D CAD file, which is mathematically sliced into 2D cross sections. With the build platform positioned just below the surface of the photopolymer, a scanning system is used to draw the first cross section on the surface of the photopolymer, which adheres to the platform.

When the layer is complete, the elevator assembly lowers the platform into the vat and the next layer is drawn, with each new layer adhering to the previous one. The process repeats itself until the object is completed. Actual build times can range from under an hour to over a day, depending on the photopolymer, laser power, and the object geometry. Typically, a mechanical blade is used to sweep the surface of the photopolymer to ensure an even layer of resin for the next layer.

The most accurate and trusted rapid prototyping technology in the industry, stereolithography can create concept models, masters and patterns in a matter of hours from any popular CAD system. ICM Ltd has the expertise to take on the most demanding projects while guaranteeing timely delivery, usually in just a couple of days. Complete finishing capability further accelerate the process and allow us to provide the highest quality at competitive prices. Due to their accuracy and ability to reproduce fine details, SLA models are perfect for use as concept models, form-and-fit studies, and as master patterns for a variety of molding techniques, including patterns for investment and sand casting applications.


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